Professional climbers and arborist
Arborist supplies: Helmets, Saddles and accessories, Carabiners, pulleys, rigging, bungee lanyards, cutting tools, rope, lanyards/prusiks, and climbers

Professional Arborist
Supplies and Accessories

As a professional arborist you know the importance of quality equipment.  We sell a wide range of high quality products from industry leading brands like New England Ropes, Silky, Buckingham and Weaver. 
We are also an authorized Stihl dealer, stocking more than 30 different chainsaw models. We are proud to have Gold-Certified factory trained technicians on staff.
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Tree climbing equipment is not intended to be used by persons not fully trained
in the professional climbing and arborist trades.
Tree climbing products are sold exclusively for use by fully trained professional
arborists who are educated and qualified to examine their equipment and determine
if it is adequate to perform in its intended environment.
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