What is EZ Mower care?

EZ Mower Care Service is the quick, easy, and convenient solution to your push mower and riding lawn mower maintenance needs.
Forget about messy oil changes, sharpening dull blades, removing builtup debris from under the deck and trying to find the correct parts to maintain your equipment properly.
EZ Mower Care ends the hassles of maintaining your mower.  Getting your equipment to the shop is no problem because EZ Mower Care INCLUDES pickup & delivery.  We'll pick up your mower, service it properly, and bring it back ready for use when spring arrives.   Simple, efficient, and affordable.
Should you experience an in-season problem EZ Mower Care customers also receive priority service on any repair needs during the growing season.

What's Included?

  • Tune engine
  • Change oil
  • Clean and adjust carburetor
  • Replace spark plug and set gap
  • Clean or replace air filter
  • Sharpen & balance blade(s)
  • Inspect and adjust all cables
  • Check tire tread and air pressure
  • Check ignition and compession
  • Clean debris from under deck
  • Check and adjust all belts
  • Check recoil rope or starter
  • Test operation of unit.
  • Pickup and Delivery of unit.

Standard service includes spark plug, oil filter, and oil.  Belts, blades, cables or other maintenance parts will be replaced only if needed at additional cost.  If parts needed exceed $50 for push mowers or $75 for riding mowers we will call or email you for your approval.
EZ mower care pickup vechile

What does it cost?

Push/Self Propelled mower

  1.   $   69.95

Rear Engine Rider

  1.   $ 159.95

Lawn Tractor

  1.   $  169.95

Zero Turn Mower

  1.   $  199.95

Price INCLUDES pickup & Delivery

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Don't miss out. 

If you haven't joined the hundreds of customers that take advantage of this great off-season program you're missing out on the best deal of the year.
Schedule now before you forget.  Don't worry - we know you'll still need your mower till the mowing season ends.
That's when we'll spring into action and call with your pickup date.

EZ Mower Care is an off-season maintenance service.

Pickup's and Deliveries are handled differently from seasonal service and repairs.  You can sign up for EZ Care anytime.  You will be placed into the EZ Care Pickup Schedule which normally does not begin until the mowing season has ended.

EZ Mower Care off-season

The EZ Care service area is made up of sections as shown on the map.  

Within each section pickups are scheduled by neighborhoods.  

You will be called prior to your neighborhood pickup date.
EZ Mower care service area mao

The sign up period for EZ Mower Care
begins on Oct 15 and ends January 31.
Pickup's start in November.

  If you need In-season repairs call the shop at 410-272-2990 or visiting

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