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from Snapper and  Simplicity

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Snapper brand lawn tractor
Snapper Lawn Tractors
Step up to high value with a snapper lawn tractor.  All-steel construction including the hood, cast iron front axle and a hydrostatic transmission are hallmarks of premium tractors - all at a value price. 
Easy-to-use height-of-cut controls.  Responsive foot pedals give you hands-free control over forward and reverse speed.  Dash-mounted cruise control lets you set you speed.  With a 14" turning radius, you can spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your yard.
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Simplicity Lawn Tractors
When you are looking for a lawn or garden tractor, there are many manufacturers and features from which to choose. But if you focus on what's important, quality of cut and having a great looking lawn, the decision will be easy... Simplicity.
The secret to getting a beautiful looking lawn is the Simplicity Free Floating™ Mower Deck with full-width rollers.  This exclusive Simplicity mower deck features infinite height-of-cut control, freedom to float up or down at the rear and to pivot with the front axle. You can follow every ground contour for a clean, smooth and precise cut through the entire yard and not to mention create ball-park style striping effect.
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Simplicity Tractors specs and product reviews