1. Subaru engine product label example

Where to find the Model, Spec numbers and code number on Subaru Engines

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For each model there may be many different versions called specifications. Each specification will be unique in some way. The difference may only be the paint color or it may have a different type of PTO or some other significant difference.
The specification and code number together are known as the PRODUCT NUMBER.
All Subaru 4 cycle engines have a Product Number label similar to the labels illustrated below.
Subaru engine product label explanation

The Product Number Label has a 15 digit alphanumeric string that consists of the SPECIFICATION (SPEC) number (11 digits) and the CODE number (4 digits). Please note the illustration.
The images below are examples of where the label is located.

Subaru engine product label location
Subaru engine product label location

Once you have located your engine identification numbers enter them in your owner's manual for future reference.  With these numbers our parts department can identify and order any part on the engine.